Obesity outpatient clinic for children & adolescents

Already children can develop diseases which are associated with obesity, such as type-2-diabetes, high blood pressure, or fatty liver. Therefore, it is important to get active against adiposity at an early stage. The cooperation and support of the parents and family is very important.

Adipositas betrifft rund 6 Prozent der Kinder und Jugendliche in Deutschland. (Foto: IFB Adipositas)
About seven percent of the children and youths in Germany are obese. (Photo: IFB Adipositas)

For many years overweight children and youths have been and are being treated at the University Hospital Leipzig. Parents can get an appointment at the outpatient clinic with a referral of a paediatrician. In the first meeting the degree of the young patient’s overweight will be measured (height, weight, waist and hip circumference, etc.)  Parents should bring the health booklet with the child’s examinations and data on height and weight. In a thorough case history and physical examinations risk factors and possibly already existing diseases are being identified.

If necessary the paediatrician will arrange for further tests. At the children’s hospital the basic diagnostics according to the guidelines of the German Adiposity Society are carried out. This comprises a glucose tolerance test, which helps to early diagnose metabolic disorders.

Contact data of the obesity outpatient clinic for children & adolescents

Heads: Prof. Dr. Antje Körner
Medical Care:  Dr. Elena Sergeyev, Melanie Schauff
Nutritional Consultation: Marleen Böttcher (graduate nutritionist), Sibylle Kapellen (graduate nutritionist), Dr. troph. Carmen Rohde

Telephone:   0049 (0)341  97-26242 or -20729
Email:  AdiKids [at] uniklinik-leipzig [dot] de
Internet:  www.adikids-leipzig.de

Case-Manager for Leipzig Adiposity-Management-Program: Anika Vogel (graduate nutritionist)
Telephone:  0049 (0)341 97 20729

(for information on Leipzig Adiposity-Management see below)

Consultation hours:
on appointment

The outpatient clinic is situated in the the Center for Pediatric Medicine and Gynecology of the University Hospital Leipzig in Liebigstraße 20a (house 6, ground floor, left wing). (Please see description below.)

Measures in the treatment of obese children and youths


  • Drafting of case history (anamnesis)
  • Physical examinations
  • Measure degree of overweight
  • Diagnosis and evaluation of secondary associated diseases
  • Medical consultations

Nutritional therapy

  • Nutritional consultation adapted to family’s needs
  • Supervising change of nutrition habits 

Psychological care (if needed)

  • Motivation for weight loss
  • Personal consultations with family
  • Tests for eating disorders or mental diseases

Additionally there is a co-operation with “KLAKS” (a children’s health association) and there are exercise programs for overweight children and adolescents. For young patients who are members of the health insurance "AOK Plus Sachsen/Thüringen" there is the option to have treatment longer than one year which may also include the Obeldicks-Program".

The Obeldicks-Program

„Obeldicks“ is a one-year outpatient treatment program for overweight children and youths from 8 to 16 years of age and their parents. Goal of the program is to change adverse life style habits by nutritional, exercise and behavioral therapy. This therapy is to normalize the body weight in the long run.  The program has been deveolped by the "Vestische Kinder- und Jugendklinik Datteln" in Germany. The therapeutic team consists of paediatricians, psychologists, nutritional experts, and physiotherapists.

Advantages of Obeldicks

  • well-proven program in Germany
  • Age adapted care in groups
  • Multidisciplinary therapy approach
  • Personal consultations of family
  • Costs are covered by health insurance

The Obeldicks-Program offers

  • Nutritional courses and practical training for children and parents
  • Behavioral training to foster life style changes
  • Work in groups which increases motivation and self esteem
  • Sports groups which make exercising fun
  • Special information materials

Leipzig Adiposity-Management

An agreement of the AOK Plus Saxonia and Thuringia health insurance and the University Hospital Leipzig in Auguts 2014 allows for the first time in Germany a comprehensive, multi-year therapy for obese children, adolescents, and adults, who are clients of this insurance.  The IFB supported the drafting of the agreement. The program was developed in detail by the contracting partners and has been lined out in a specific contract for the integrated care of obese people. The novelty of the Leipzig Adiposity-Management is the variety of therapy modules within an interdisciplinary treatment. They range from nutritional and exercise therapy, psychological counselling, stress management courses to outpatient-care. The modules are interconnected. The AOK Plus patients can additionally choose to participate in therapy groups of established obesity programs Obeldicks for children and youths. More information can be found in the info flyer (in German).

Die AdipositasAmbulanzen befinden sich im Universitätsklinikum Leipzig in der Liebigstraße.
The buildings of the University Hospital Leipzig in Liebigstraße.

How to get to the obesity outpatient clinic for children & adolescents

The outpatient clinic can be found in the Center for Pediatric Medicine and Gynecology of the University Hospital Leipzig in Liebigstraße 20a (house 6, ground floor, left wing).

By car: There are limited parking lots near the hospital; you can use the parking deck at the crossing Talstraße / Brüderstraße. From there it is only a short walk up Talstraße to Liebigstraße 20a.

By public transportation: You can take the trams 16, 9 and 2 until the stop Bayrischer Platz or bus 60 until stops Ostplatz or Johannisallee. It is a walk of about 10 minutes from all those stops. You can also take a taxi basically right to the entrance.

Lageplan der Gebäude des Universitätsklinikums und der Medizinischen Fakultät Leipzig.
The obesity outpatient clinic for children and adolescents is in house 6 of the University Hospital Leipzig in Liebigstraße 20a.