Together you are stronger: Adiposity self-help groups support their members in dealing with the disease and with related problems. Mutual help and exchange are central. They also provide information on therapy offers in the respective region.

Adipositas-Selbsthilfegruppe am Uniklinikum Leipzig
The Leipzig self-help-group meets at the University Hospital once a month. (Photo: IFB Adiposity)

Persons with adiposity can find a lot of information about obesity in the Internet, and people affected can communicate via special platforms. There are several websites which inform about self-help groups in Germany, e. g., oder

In and near Leizig are two self-help-groups:

"SchwereLos" at the University Hospital Leipzig
Contact: Beate Kreiser (Phone: 0170 82 29 776, e-mail: beatekreiser [at] yahoo [dot] de)

"FIT FÜR MICH" in Markkleeberg near Leipzig
Contact: Ilona Peetz (Phone:0 176 48 30 11 06, e-mail: fit-fuer-mich [at] web [dot] de)