Obesity outpatient clinic for adults

The obesity outpatient clinic for adults is a specialized treatment center for people with severe overweight. Prerequisite for a treatment there is a body-mass-index (BMI) over 35 kg/m² and a referral by a specialist in internal medicine (internist).

Adipöse Frauen und Männer finden in der AdipositasAmbulanz Hilfe beim Abnehmen.
Individual consultation and care are important in the outpatient clinic for obese adults. (Photo: IFB Adipositas)

In the outpatient clinic specialized physicians, dieticians, nurses and psychologists are working hand in hand. Here and in the info-folder is more information on the therapeutic offer there.

Contact data of the obesity outpatient clinic for adults

Heads:   Prof. Dr. Mathias Faßhauer, Prof. Dr. Matthias Blüher
Psychological Head:   Prof. Dr. Anja Hilbert
Co-ordination and information:  telephone: 0049 (0)341/ 97 12418
Nutritional consultation:   Lars Selig, Katja Stolle, Kristin Poser, Stephanie Hagen, Stefan Suckert, Elisa Hausding, Sarah Martin

Questions and appointments:   via telephone 0049 (0)341/ 97 12418

The outpatient clinic is situated in House 4 (ground floor, right wing, "Ambulanzen") of the University Hospital Leipzig in Liebigstrasse 20. (See map below)

What happens in the outpatient clinic

After the phone contact a date for a first appointment will be arranged. The patients will be inscribed in the adiposity treatment program and will receive their appointments for examinations and consultations at the outpatient clinic.

Appointment 1

For the preparation of a long term therapy program patients are asked to bring along the examination findings of their doctors (e. g. internal specialist, cardiologist, orthopaedic specialist). Patients fill out a questionnaire about their health status, ailments, eating and exercise habits, also blood samples are drawn for special tests.

Appointment 2

Patients will meet a physician and discuss their health status, blood tests and questionnaire. The physician will establish a long term (over 6 months) therapy program which is adapted to the patient’s individual situation. Part of the program is a successive change of eating and exercise habits. In certain cases a participation in the one-year Doc Weight®-Program is possible (see below).

Appointment 3

The patient discusses an appropriate diet and questions on nutrition, meals and eating habits with a specialized dietician. This dietician will be the personal consultant over the coming months.

Following appointments

In the following months the patient implements the changes in life style step by step. Regularly there will be examinations and consultations in the outpatient clinic. If problems or question arise or if health conditions become worse patients should in any case contact the outpatient clinic. The individual program will be adjusted if necessary.

Final appointment

Together with the physician and dietician the patient will evaluate the results of the therapy program. Jointly further therapy measures can be discussed in this final meeting.

Special treatment programs

Patients of the IFB obesity outpatient clinic have besides the individual therapy the option to join an obesity therapy program for groups, such as  Doc Weight®  oder M.O.B.I.L.I.S.  A team of experts treats the patients over one year. The costs are partly covered by health insurers, if the patient participated regularily in the program. Cl ients of the health insurance AOK Plus Saxonia and Thuringia, who suffer from adiposity, can get multi-year comprehensive treatment within the Leipzig Adiposity-Management:

Leipzig Adiposity-Management

An agreement of the AOK Plus Saxonia and Thuringia health insurance and the University Hospital Leipzig in Auguts 2014 allows for the first time in Germany a comprehensive, multi-year therapy for obese children, adolescents, and adults, who are clients of this insurance.  The IFB supported the drafting of the agreement. The program was developed in detail by the contracting partners and has been lined out in a specific contract for the integrated care of obese people. The novelty of the Leipzig Adiposity-Management is the variety of therapy modules within an interdisciplinary treatment. They range from nutritional and exercise therapy, psychological counselling, stress management courses to outpatient-care. The modules are interconnected. The AOK Plus patients can additionally choose to participate in therapy groups of established obesity programs like M.O.B.I.L.I.S.® or DOC WEIGHT® mentioned above. In special patient cases a surgical intervention with an individual long-term aftercare can be part of the obesity program.

Doc Weight®-Program

This special weight-loss-program is for patients with a BMI over 40 kg/m² (or over 35 kg/m² if there are obesity-associated diseases). It has been developed by the Federal Association of German nutrition physicians and it is Germany wide accepted by the medical supervising service of health insurers. Doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, and physical therapists help the participants to change their eating and exercise behaviors, and to integrate the lifestyle changes into their daily life. The costs of 1,705 Euros are partially covered by health insurances. The Doc Weight®Program complements the therapeutic offers of the adiposity outpatient clinic at the University Hospital leipzig. A variety of other hospitals also offer this program.


This obesity program addresses patients with a BMI between 30 and 40 kg/m²,; it stresses exercise. Like Doc Weight the program is based on an improvement of physical exercise  and eating behaviors, and the treatment by a team of experts (physicians, nutritionists, psychologists, and physical therapists). This approach is lined out in the requirements for an effective obesity treatmentof the German Adipositay Society (DAG) . The MOBILIS Program is offered all over Germany, in Leipzig there are active groups and further ones will follow. They cooperate with the Faculty of Sports Science and the rehabilitation sports club Leipzig. The overall costs are 685 Euros. Health insurers cover this partly.

Surgical adiposity therapies

If conservative (non-surgical) therapies have not led to an sufficient weight loss, surgical therapies can be an option. At the University Hospital Leipzig a variety of bariatric operations  are being performed. The Section Bariatric Surgery at the University Hospital has received the certificate as a reference center for bariatric and metabolic surgery. This certifies the very high treatment standards in adiposity surgery.

The attending physician and dietician will deliberate these treatment options with the patient. A group of experts from surgery, internal medicine, psychology and nutrition will discuss every individual patient case, so as to come to the individually best therapy.

How to get to the adiposity outpatient clinic for adults

The outpatient clinic is situated in House 4 (ground floor, right wing, "Ambulanzen") of the University Hospital Leipzig in Liebigstrasse 20.

House 4 of the University Hospital Leipzig can be reached via public transport (tram lines 2, 9, 16; bus line 60) and is in walking distance (10 minutes) to the tram stopps Bayerischer Platz, Johannisallee, Ostplatz. Parking lots are in Liebigstrasse or in the close by Vinci parking deck in Talstrasse / Brüderstrasse. Taxis can bring patients right to the entrance.

Lageplan der Gebäude des Universitätsklinikums und der Medizinischen Fakultät Leipzig.
The obesity outpatient clinic for adults is in House 4 of the University Hospital Leipzig in Liegigstrassse 20. IFB administration and IFB study clinic are in House M in Philipp-Rosenthal-Strasse 27. (Graph: University Hospital Leipzig)