Severe overweight belongs to the biggest challenges for medicine all over the world. Presently, there are too few therapy offers in Germany. Although the World Health Organization has recognized obesity (adiposity) as a disease, it is often regarded as a mere symtom of an unhealthy life style.

Die Ursachen der Adipositas sind vielfältig.

Obesity outpatient clinics

In these specialized outpatient clinics at the University Hospital Leipzig obese children, youths, and adults are being treated. Physicians, dieticians, and therapists are specialized on adiposity.

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kons. Adipositasbehandl-Prof. Blüher

Conservative treatment

The conservative (nonsurgical) treatment of adiposity comprises nutritional consultations and changes, exercise therapy, and if needed psychological counseling.

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bariatrische Operation

Surgical treatment

An obesity or bariatric operation is a therapy option for patients, who were not able to sufficiently loose weight in non-surgical treatment programs, and who suffer from associated diseases.

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After an obesity operation (bariatric surgery) the aftercare in the first year should be continuous. Later the number of medical examinations can be reduced. Ailments can be treated promptly.

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Adipositas-Selbsthilfegruppe am Uniklinikum Leipzig


Together you are stronger: Adiposity self-help groups support its members in dealing with the disease and with related problems. Mutual help and exchange are central in the Leipzig groups.

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