Scope & Target audience

The LIMIOR meeting is dedicated to the cross-cultural, interdisciplinary research on
obesity from a neurocognitive and psychological perspective that includes individuals and
their behaviour as well as societal contributions to obesity.
To date, research on obesity is often divided into intrapersonal and interpersonal aspects, thus neglecting the obvious interaction between the two. Most experts agree that a truly comprehensive approach to prevention and treatment of obesity can only be found by combining individual-based and societal approaches. Promoting this approach among junior and senior scientists and inducing content is one major goal of the first edition of the LIMIOR meeting – The obese brain in society.
LIMIOR also aims at establishing a strong research network in Europe that consists of junior and senior researchers.

With an exclusive and renowned list of speakers for LIMIOR, we particularly invite early and mid-career professionals to join us in a lively debate and exchange. The 1st LIMIOR meeting is open to 28 Postgraduate MSc/PhD students, young researchers, and Post-Docs from all fields in the life sciences. At least 50% of all available spots will be reserved for Post-Doc applications. Applicants with backgrounds in the Social Sciences (sociology, economics, political science, education, psychology, etc.) are particularly encouraged to apply. An interest and appreciation of interdisciplinary research is a crucial criterion in the selection of participants.

Application Process
All applicants are kindly invited to submit an abstract – either outlining their proposed work for (PhD-) projects or presenting results of ongoing research. We are happy to select the top-ranked four contributions of abstracts for additional oral presentations. All other abstracts will be presented during guided poster sessions.
An external board of experts will review abstracts with special regard to their potential and interest to interdisciplinary research as well as overall quality. Together with a general letter of motivation and an elaborated CV, a selection of participants will be made.
Deadline for applications has been extended to May 31st, 2015. There are only a few slots left. All applicants will be notified shortly after the final deadline.