Meet-the-Experts Session: Within this module, researchers are encouraged to engage in intense exchange with senior scientists from a specific research field. Topics can encompass expert input on planned projects, discussion of basic scientific questions or feedback on completed projects. Experts from the same field of research have the opportunity to jointly present their take on obesity to international participants of LIMIOR. 

Selected Poster Presentations: The selected poster presentations offer additional attention and time for presentation to selected abstracts by PhD students and PostDocs. They will be given the opportunity to present their work in the framework of an oral presentation in front of all participants and discuss the results in the plenum.

Poster Session: In this rather informal module, participants will present their projects in form of a poster. All participants are free to visit the posters they are most interested in and engage in extensive discussion. We will allocate enough time to these sessions to foster a lively exchange.

Publication synthesis: In order to facilitate exchange and encourage publication of a joint position paper, all days of LIMIOR will include a time slot for a more informal but moderated publication planning. While the complete manuscript is unlikely to be finished by the end of the meeting, the goal is to draft an outline and assign tasks for contributors during these sessions. As all speakers will provide personal answers to pre-defined questions (see module “Lecture Senior Scientist”), an outline can be already set for the position paper. The goal is to answer these questions from different perspectives, pre-ceded by short introductions to the specific fields of research.

Exploring the IFB: All participants will be given the opportunity to visit the IFB headquarter and the IFB Outpatient Care Unit in Leipzig. A short tour will be given and specific highlights, such as the IFB’s involvement in the education of medical students (Lernklinik, Teaching Clinic) will be included in the program. This is a one-time activity.

Social Events will provide an informal setting for inter-hierarchical and interdisciplinary exchange.