Research in the IFB AdiposityDiseases is committed to multidisciplinarity in clinical trials and in basic research. Scientist from different fields work in six research areas in over 50 research projects. Adiposity (obesity) and its associated diseases are in the focus of the scientific studies.

The research at the IFB ranges from psychosocial aspects, obesity genes, hormones of fat cells, obesity in children, brain activity to bariatric surgery methods. A committee of high-ranking international scientists selects the research projects and evaluates the results.

In the IFB AdiposityDiseases research is accompanied by treatment. This innovative concept of collecting basic research, clinical trials and treatment under one central roof is an essential precondition, that research results can be used in treatment and vice versa. Standardized pathways in the center let the patients benefit of the fast implementation of new research results. Researching physicians of the University Medical Center of Leipzig provide the required practical relevance. The structured therapy of obese children and adolescents, as well as the research in the field of children's obesity, is unique in Germany.

The granted funding for the IFB AdiposityDiseases sustainably boosts the research profile “lifestyle diseases” of the Medical Faculty of the University of Leipzig. Leipzig is developing into a national reference center for the research and treatment of obesity and its accompanying diseases. The basis for this is a professional competence in this area that was continually built up during the past years: Apart from Charité Berlin, Leipzig accommodates the only DFG-funded joint research project dealing with this focus in Germany: The clinical research group: „Atherobesity“. Additionally, the Collaborative Research Center (CRC) “Mechanisms of Obesity” strengthens the research profile of the Faculty of Medicine in Leipzig. The CRC started in 2013 and is sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG).


Research fields

The obesity research at the IFB concentrates on six large fields. These cooperate in individual stdueis and work interdisciplinarily.

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Research projects

At the IFB there are over 50 tresearch projects in six large research areas. Scientists and physicians from over 14 different discilpines work together in these projects.

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Studienteilnahme von Patienten

Clinical trials

The IFB carries out different clinical trials. In these trials new therapy or diagnosis approaches are being tested in controlled (monitored) groups of patients and healthy probands, and evaluated.

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Junior research groups

The junior research groups at the IFB allow distinguished postdoctoral scientists the habilitation within adiposiyt research. Seven research groups examine different scientific aspects of obesty.

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Forschung am IFB

Research professorships

The IFB creates research focuses with its five prfessorships in endocrinology, neuro-imagng, behavioral medicine, genetics od adiposity and bariatric surgery.

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Core Unit Bildgebung

Research support Core Units

Experts in medical imaging, e. g. in magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) and in medical informatics support the IFB research projects in the Core Units "Imaging" and "Data Center".

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The IFB is exchanging and cooperating with research institutions in the field of obesity and metabolism. The center is among others participating in the international study MetaCardis.

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Postdoc projects

Research projects closely related to current IFB research or pilot projects that establish new methods or collect pilot data in a new research direction.