Physicians define severe overweight as obesity or adiposity. The causes for obesity and the associated diseases (sequelae) are manifold. Sequelae can develop already in children. About one quater of the German population is obese with a body-mass-index over 30 kg/sqm.

Fast ein Viertel der Deutschen sind krankaht übergewichtig, also adipös.

What is adiposity?

The latin term adiposity means severe or morbid overweight. In English usually the term obesity is being used. An increasing overweight is associated with a growing risk for many diseases.

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Die Ursachen der Adipositas sind vielfältig.


Adiposity is a disease with many different causes and influences. Genetic, biological, neurobiological, psychological and social factors as well as the living environment can play a role.

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Adipositas hat viele Folge- oder Begleiterkrankungen

Secondary diseases

Adiposity and a growing body-mass-index increase the risk of complications and associated secondary diseases (sequelae). Malicious is, that these illnesses begin without symptoms or pain.

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Viele Kinder und Jugendliche leiden an Übergewicht.

Children & Youths

Supernutrition and a lack of physical activity are the main causses for overweight and adiposity (obesity) in young people. Genetic, hormonal, or psychosocial factors can contribute to the overweight.

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Bisher nimmt der Anteil der adipsöen Menschen in Deutschland zu.


More than half of the adults in Germany are overweight and nearly one quater is even obese (adipose). About 15 percent of children and adolescents are too heavy, and 6 percent are severly overweight.

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Foto: Canadian Obesity Network

Obesity & more

Obesity is a disease with many facets. Diverse research projects scrutinze the causes, associated diseases, therapies, and prevention. Here one can find information on all aspects of obesity.

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