Professorships (MetaProf)

With the MetaProf program the IFB is setting its own focal points. The MetaProf program is particularly directed to the elite of the IFB-promoted physicians and scientists as well as to outstanding external applicants and it is creating a long-term attractive career perspective for them.

Forschung am IFB
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The appointment of the initially temporary positions is carried out in cooperation with the Medical Faculty of the University of Leipzig within an appeals procedure. 

Professorships at the IFB:

  • Endocrinology of obesity (Prof. Mathias Fasshauer)
  • Molecular neuro-imaging of obesity (Prof. Swen Hesse)
  • Behavioral medicine of obesity (Prof. Anja Hilbert)
  • Diabetes and obesity genetics (Prof. Peter Kovacs)
  • Bariatric surgery (Prof. Arne Dietrich)
Prof. Dr. Mathias Fasshauer

Prof. Dr. Mathias Fasshauer

Head of the obesity outpatient clinic for adults
IFB-Professorship „Endocrinology of adiposity“
Member: board of directors
Head of project

+49 341 97-13380

mathias [dot] fasshauer [at] uniklinik-leipzig [dot] de

Prof. Dr. Swen Hesse

IFB-Professorship "Molecular imaging"
Head of project

+49 341 97-18081

swen [dot] hesse [at] uniklinik-leipzig [dot] de

Prof. Dr. Anja Hilbert

IFB-Professorship "Behavioral medicine"
Member: board of directors, internal board
Head of project

+49 341 97-15361 and -15360

anja [dot] hilbert [at] medizin [dot] uni-leipzig [dot] de

Prof. Dr. Peter Kovacs

IFB-Professorship "Adiposity and diabetes genetics"
Member: internal board
Head of project

+49 341 97-15892

peter [dot] kovacs [at] medizin [dot] uni-leipzig [dot] de

Prof. Dr. Arne Dietrich

Head of the section bariatric surgery
IFB professorship for bariatric surgery
Head of project

+49 341 97-17230

arne [dot] dietrich [at] uniklinik-leipzig [dot] de