Good research needs bright minds, but also it should provide freedom for creative ideas. The IFB is very demanding towards the young academics and is offering them unique possibilities across Germany. At the IFB young and gifted researchers are able to carry out own projects very soon.


The IFB is always looking for dedicated and motivated scientists, as well as participants in the training program for young scientists.

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Support for young scientists

The young researchers in the multistage training program of the IFB are supervised by a Career Coach. There are also special events for young scientists.

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Research internship (MS Pro)

MS Pro enables medical and science students to gain first experiences in the field of clinical scientific problems during their semester break.

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Doctorate promotion (MD Pro 1)

MD Pro 1 is directed to outstanding medical students who want to write a clinical-experimental dissertation.

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Own research project (MD Pro 2)

MD Pro 2 is directed to outstanding students of medicine and science who want to gain further qualification with an own clinical-experimental research project.

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Ärztin Rotation

Rotation jobs (MetaRot)

In the MetaRot programme graduated physicians can work at the IFB scientifically for one year and dedicate themselves to their individual research projects within a study group.

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Junior research groups

The Junior Research Groups (MetaHabil) enable outstanding graduated scientists for the next qualification step, a postdoctoral lecture qualification.

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Professorships (MetaProf)

With the MetaProf programme the IFB is setting its own focal points. The MetaProf programme is particularly directed to the elite of the IFB-promoted physicians and scientists.

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