Scientific posters of the IFB were awarded at the Research Festival

In December 2013 the 12th Research Festival for Live Sciences took place in the Max-Bürger-Research-Center of the Universität Leipzig.

Wissenschaftliche Poster des IFB beim Research Festival ausgezeichnet
Photo: Anett Albrecht

347 young scientists in medicine and life sciences presented their research findings on December 19, 2013 at the 12th Research Festival for Life Sciences in the Max Bürger Research Center of the Universität Leipzig.

As in 2012, two scientists from the Integrated Research and Treatment Center (IFB) AdiposityDiseases were among the winners. Anika Maak, a PhD student in the research group "Animal Models" of Dr. habil. Nora Klöting presented her poster with the subject "Analysis of novel obesity genes with the aid of congenic rats". Alexander Schaudinn, assistant physician in the Core Unit "imaging in obesity" presented his work entitled "MRI-based quantification of visceral adipose tissue (VAT) in morbidly obese patients".

The risk of accompanying diseases of obesity such as diabetes or coronary heart diseases increase with the amount of fat that surrounds the organs of the abdominal cavity. This fat percentage can be measured with the help of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Alexander Schaudinn and his colleagues from the IFB AdiposityDiseases and the radiology of the University Hospital Leipzig have presented a method that can significantly reduce the effort required for a determination of fat in obese patients.

Coauthor Nicolas Linder presented the results and was impressed by the enormous broadness of the presented scientific works and sees in the Research Festival an excellent way to "meet the employees from the various institutions directly."

Anika Maak, a medical student in the 5th semester examines the identification of new obesity genes in sub-congenic rat strains and their relevance in human cohorts. Ms. Maak is supported by the junior research promotion program of the IFB Adiposity Diseases since April 2013.

She and Alexander Schaudinn were honored for the presentation of their research results with an award and a book voucher.

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