The 3rd Nordic Neuroscience Meeting in Helsinki – Day 1

The O’BRAIN Lab is visiting Helsinki to explore the neurosciences of our Nordic neighbours. A daily report.

Bild von Monkeyiron auf Pixabay
Helsinki (Bild von Monkeyiron auf Pixabay)

On the agenda are the 3rd Nordic Neuroscience Meeting and a visit to the new lab of group leader Annette Horstmann, who was recently appointed as an Associate Professor of Behavioural and Brain Sciences at the Department of Psychology and Logopedics at the University of Helsinki. In a range of posts, we will share some of the highlights of our visit.

On Wednesday June 12th, the conference started. Professor Dan Lindholm warmly welcomed us with his extraordinary sense of humor.

One of the highlights was the keynote lecture by Professor Trevor Robbins from the University of Cambridge, who gave an excellent and engaging talk on compulsive behaviour in obsessive compulsive disorder and addiction. His research on the frontostriatal brain circuits underlying behavioural flexibility, and the role of dopamine in these circuits, is highly relevant to the research we are doing in the context of obesity and diet. The conference was a unique opportunity to discuss our upcoming study with Prof. Robbins, which we did over dinner on the evening before the conference. On Friday, I will present the project during the poster presentation session for more input. This way we make most of the conference! 

The first conference day also happened to coincide with Helsinki’s birthday, which is celebrated all over town. The Helsinki hospitality is amazing and it’s an absolute pleasure to be here. Happy birthday, Helsinki!

Lieneke Janssen, IFB MD/PhD